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The idea for a rideshare program originated in 2017 with Charles Franklin, an Army veteran working at the time as a community employment coordinator for the homeless. The program was upended by the outbreak of the pandemic leaving communities without work transportation services. Our veterans were finding it increasingly difficult to find reliable transportation. What we know is, recruitment and employment of veterans has increased exponentially throughout the years and is expected to grow as millions of troops will return to civilian life. Closing the transportation gap will bring benefits to employers and dignity to our veterans. 

Veterans Mobility Services (VMS)

Veterans Mobility Services (VMS) is a non-emergency transportation company, a subsidiary of The Houston Launch Pad, a non-profit employment services organization that will provide transportation services for veterans from home to work and back. 

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Goals and Objectives

VMS aims to increase access to transportation from home to work and back, closing the transportation gap that will bring benefits to employers and dignity to our veterans. The Houston Launch Pad wants to create a regional mobility management program to improve the coordination of transportation services for populations that lack transportation to work and back home. 


Developing One Call-One Click Center

The Houston Launch Pad is creating a comprehensive mobile application that supports on-demand services, automated payments, scheduling tools, trip details in coordination with our case management team. Implementation of operations of all modes of transportation will be addressed. 

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